Diary Entry – Twenty Five

12th October 2016LukeAll, Diary Entries9 Comments

I believe this may be the 100th time I’ve tried to write this update , I just haven’t been able to do, even now I’m really struggling. It’s seems as time goes on it’s getting harder to find the words to express how we feel. So firstly thank you to Everyone who’s been asking about […]

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Diary Entry – Twenty Four

31st August 2016LukeAll, Diary Entries12 Comments

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES !! Noah’s in hospital again and as I look at him, I mean really look at him I realise for the first time just how fragile and ill he looks . His wee body is sore , and not just from the vesicostomy ! He’s been so so sleepy […]

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Diary Entry – Twenty Three

14th June 2016LukeAll, Diary Entries7 Comments

Sometimes it’s hard to see the light in the midst of the darkness! It is there but you need to choose to see it and indeed walk in it! It’s definitely easier to give in to those dark thoughts; they can become all consuming and eventually take over and control you! I’ve found that more […]

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Diary Entry – Twenty Two

20th May 2016LukeAll, Diary Entries10 Comments

This is probably the most difficult update I’ve had to give, to be honest I’ve tried so many times to do it but I just didn’t have the words . As you know Noah had been in hospital to have a lumbar puncture done, we were trying to find out why he was having migraines, […]

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Diary Entry – Twenty One

2nd April 2016LukeAll, Diary Entries9 Comments

Oh well here I am again! Another 3am job, Noah’s been up again with cramp in his legs, seems it’s become a way of life in our house, it’s no longer something abnormal to be up in the middle of the night but has become the norm. It’s been a while from I last updated […]

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Diary Entry – Twenty

12th February 2016LukeAll, Diary Entries12 Comments

You probably know by now that it’s not like me to give so many updates in just a short period, but to say that over this last few have taken our emotions to a new level of heartbreak is an understatement. I’m usually up in the small hours due to Noah being in pain or […]

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Diary Entry – Nineteen

10th February 2016LukeAll, Diary Entries3 Comments

As always we are so grateful for all your support and prayers for our family especially Noah and Gracie. Noah as you know hasn’t had great health in recent months, so we come again to ask for your continued prayers for our wee superhero. On Thursday Noah was really sick due to a migraine. Last […]

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Diary Entry – Eighteen

1st February 2016LukeDiary Entries17 Comments

So you may know by now that I’m not great at blogging, it’s just not natural for me I don’t have the fancy words or the natural flow that others do when writing, I can only speak from the heart and well whatever comes out first is What you get! I’ve probably put off updating […]

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Diary Entry – Seventeen

23rd December 2015LukeAll, Diary Entries2 Comments

Hello everyone! Again we just want to thank you all for your continued prayers and support for our family. As you know Noah had his MRI a few weeks back, he really hadn’t been very well, suffering from migraines and pain in his legs mostly. Our doctor from Holland was concerned that he may have […]

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Diary Entry – Sixteen

20th November 2015LukeAll, Diary Entries4 Comments

Don’t know about anyone else but this has been a very difficult year! Nearly everyone I’ve spoken to recently has had some stressful or traumatic event happen to either him or her or someone close to him or her. So in the midst of it all we may ask where is God? At times during […]

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